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Literacy Coalition News
July/August 2018


Thousands attend Summer Learning Day!

We’re still smiling after close to 3,000 attended our Summer Learning Day with Daniel Tiger event last month at Destiny USA, the largest crowd EVER in their Canyon Area.

It was great way to spread the word about the importance of keeping kids learning, safe and healthy throughout the summer! We can’t thank our lead sponsors Destiny USA, NY’s 529 College Savings Program, the Syracuse Chiefs, and WCNY as well as all our community partners enough for the huge success.

Summer Learning Day is an annual reminder that summer matters and if we want our kids to do well in the school ahead, our community needs to ensure students get the supports and services they need to continue growing and thriving over the summer. Learn more »

Onondaga County implementing a ‘book exchange' program at County Parks

As part of Onondaga County's ongoing Literacy Initiative, Parks is excited to announce the "Take a Book • Leave a Book" book exchange program. Park visitors will have the opportunity to combine two wonderful activities, enjoying the great outdoors and reading a good book. 

"We all recognize the importance of both getting outside and reading to our overall well-being, so this is the perfect combination," Mahoney said. "I encourage everyone to come visit one of our world-class county parks and also enjoy a good book from one of the book houses."

The books are free to take and book houses are accessible during regular park operating hours. Books taken from one location may be returned to any county park. The initial supply of books is courtesy of Liverpool Public Library. Visitors who would like to donate more books are encouraged to reach out to the Liverpool Library or their own local library. Learn more »

CNY's adult learners 'read for family'

Letter to the Editor by Mark Cass, Executive Director of the North Side Learning Center:

Did you know that nearly 5,000 adults participate in adult literacy and education services in Onondaga County each year? While this number might surprise you, what's more surprising is that it represents only about 15 percent of adults in our community in need of stronger literacy skills.

Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh is pictured with adult literacy students and staff of the North Side Learning Center.

Many are learning English, others improving basic reading, writing and math skills, some pursuing an equivalency diploma, and more seeking training and/or a credential for employment. These services are provided by a range of providers, working together to ensure that learners get to the right place, and move easily to others as they progress.

CNYLearns is a collaborative website to connect students to programs, and supporters to organizations. With financial support from the Rotary Club of Syracuse, matched by funds from the Central New York Community Foundation, we are working to increase the number of adult learners in Onondaga County, while also increasing the level of community support for these services. Read the full letter to the editor »
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When one individual becomes empowered through education, ripples of positive change can travel through the whole community. Through this awareness campaign, the Adult Education Roundtable hopes to turn these ripples into waves.


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